1. What equipment do I need?

    A PC and minimum PC specs with a connection to the internet are required. All software actions WallStreet.CASH BOT take place on the VPS (virtual private server) in Moscow. You can connect it by the connection to the remote desktop which is settled on a terminal Metatreader4 and appropriate software WallStreet.CASH BOT.
  2. Robot’s configurations: differences between Light, Optimum and Profit

    Light Regime generates maximal revenue with some calculated risk-taking.
    Profitability is achieved by deactivation of some types of protection.
    Profit Regime generates income from 12% to 30% per month.

    Light and Optimum configurations use a protection scheme against high volatility in the market.

    Optimum Regime is very useful for those people who want to figure Forex trading out. This regime gives you an income from about 8% to 15% per month.

    There are following types of protection:
    1. The shutdown parameter is on the 5% of equity
    2. The use of news indicator

    Light Regime is only for those who want to get a passive income.
    Differences with Optimum regime:
    1. Protection from gaps (shutdown of openings new orders on Friday)
    2. Initial lot of getting equity got smaller
    3. Take Profit indicators got smaller for quicker order shutdown.
    Light Regime brings you from about 7% to 12% per month.

  3. How many new continual updating is planned?

    We are planning continual updating about 3-4 times a month. It possible to correct some algorithms due to market behavior.

    Actual version is displayed in your Personal Account with last updating date and added functions.

  4. Are there any extra-pays for service?

    Additional expenses are required for 24-hour-a-day trading on VPS. It costs 399 or 525 rubles a month depending on the chosen tariff plan.
  5. How secure is Forex4you and do brokers know about this trading robot?

    E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc (E-GLOBAL) company has a License for providing finance services and it is regulated by FSC ( the Financial Services Commition) in accordance with the Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 (force in the territory of British Virgin Islands).
    E-GLOBAL company’s activities correspond to the all legislation and regulations of FSC. It is regulated by SIBA (Seychelles International Business Authority) and it is based on three main principles:
    - Transparency;
    - Protection of customer’s interests;
    - Activities in accordance with the law.
    More detailed information is available at the official web-site: http://www.forex4you.org/about/licence/
  6. What’s the broker interest?

    Forex4You Company gets swap and spread commissions.
    A Spread is essentially the difference between the highest price that a buyer is willing to pay for an asset and the lowest price that a seller is willing to accept to sell it at the same period of time.
    A Swap is an payment for transport to the next trade day.
  7. Is there more interest except one-time sale of WallStreet.CASH BOT?

    We get some agency commissions from Forex4You broker as percentages of opening orders of our investors.
  8. Does this type of Investment have a risk?

    We can’t guarantee total lack of risk. Any investment is a high-risk activity. But during the last year and a half, WallStreet.CASH BOT has been making a profit. We don’t recommend invest your last or debt money.
    Forex trading implies some risks including complete loss of funds. The risk becomes higher because of a lot increase so as a profit. Trading is not for all traders and investors.
  9. Input and Output Limits

    Input and Output Limits are available at the official web-site Forex4you:

  10. Why have you chosen Forex4you broker?

    10 March 2017 Forex4you broker received an IAIR award – the best Forex broker in South-East Asia.

    IAIR AWARDS is an award for excellence in the global economy and international finance from the primary rating system. We glad to get this award and extend our thanks to every client and partner for choosing our company.

    The launch of Willis Group Holdings plc.

    Forex4you continue implementation of policy aimed at improving cooperation with international companies. Forex4you reached an agreement with one of the biggest insurance broker Willis Group Holdings plc. The coverage is about 5 000 000 USD.

  11. What is MetaTrader 4?

    Information-trade platform MetaTrader 4 is the most common platform for broker services in finance markets. The Function trading platform doesn’t require for additional software.
  12. Is there Mobile App?

    Mobile trade Forex4you platform is your personal account and trading terminal simultaneously.

    Download Forex4you app onto your phone or tablet for free in Playmarket or AppStore

    Download for iOS Download for Android

    Apps functional:

    - Checking long and short positions, installation Stop Loss, Take Profit and pending orders;
    - Viewing balance, equity and margin (deposit);
    - 10 graphic’s periods (time-framings): M1, M2, M10, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN;
    - Favourite list and its individual settings;
    - Gathering reports of a given period;
    - Notification of open and close trading sessions;
    - Graphics: :‘teak candle’ and ‘candle stick’;
    - Switching between trading accounts with a single click;
    - Two interface themes: light and dark.

  13. What is the WallStreet.CASH BOT

    Multicurrency Robot’s Strategy is using 3 scalping strategies for providing entry points which increases trade efficiency.
    The strategies use entries based on standard indicator platform Metatrader: MACD, RSI, Stochastic, CCI, Moving Average.
    There are a lot of setting orders and they close very fast. It provides deposit smooth growth despite of small drawdown. In case of loss there is a method of growing rates by WallStreet.CASH.

    Multicurrency trading is used with individual configurations for every pair. It provides diversification of trading and risk reduction. It is connected with a special way of trading: every pair trades with small lots unlike the single currency strategy and periods of big drawdowns are not at the same time.

    WallStreet.CASH adviser trades successfully and makes a good profit due to 3 different scalping strategies. Every order is analyzed carefully then entry points are indicated for getting maximum effect.

    Drawdowns have declined because of using new analyze and control system. The adviser has money-management settings for each of three strategies. Also it has time settings: you can settle time and the beginning of your trading from Monday to Friday.

  14. How do I get profit from trades?/ What do I have to do?

    WallStreet.CASH BOT works automatically on the VPS (virtual private server) around the clock. We advise our partners to check the terminal Metatrader every day for robot’s further correct work.
  15. Terminal reboot is required?

    Metatrader can use a lot of memory because it keeps candle sticks in the main storage and sets up buffer for receive-data caching of WallStreet.CASH BOT adviser. The more open currency pairs, indicators and graphics you have the more memory Metatrader will use. The random access memory will be filling during the work because of accumulation of bar’s charts history. Addressing this problem is REBOOT.
  16. How long have WallStreet.CASH BOT been working?

    WallStreet.CASH BOT have been working steadily for one year. Until that time, testing had been taking place for six month.
  17. What guarantees of income are in place?

    During Adviser’s WallStreet.CASH BOT activity from 5% to 40% per month were achieved.
  18. How can I install WallStreet.CASH BOT?

    There is fitting instructions details in section My robot in My Office.
  19. Can I have several Robots?

    You can open several accounts and install WallStreet.CASH BOT on them.
  20. What is a Partnership Program WallStreet.CASH?

    You can earn additional profit from selling WallStreet.CASH BOT to your partners. You can find more detailed information in the item Marketing.
  21. Why one-hour timeframe is chosen?

    WallStreet.CASH BOT can work in any time periods, but it has established itself in timeframe H1 the better way. The reason is that quantity of useful contracts is balanced owing to the lower random fluctuations. During a small period of time the quality of useful contracts is increased so as drawdowns. During a big periods of time drawdowns is reduced but the quality of contracts are reduced also.
  22. When do trading activity occur?

    One of the most Forex market characteristic is that it works a round-the-clock from 12 a.m. on Monday till 11 p.m. on Friday. Saturday and Sunday are not-work days because the most of the banks don’t work these days (lack of liquidity). As soon as one continent leaves the market, another begins to work.
  23. When can I withdraw my funds?

    Forex4you account verification is required for withdrawing funds. You need to make a deposit from the selected system for any amount to use the payment system to withdraw funds. It is necessary to link specified details for each selected payment system and can withdraw you funds only on the details you specified during the account replenishment.

    You can use selected payment system to withdraw your funds in 30 days from the moment of replenishment. Please note, that if you make a first deposit, the selected system will be available for withdrawal immediately, except for currency bank transfer and a bank card.

  24. Why does the robot is disappeared after a reboot with some pairs?

    This situation can have several causes. Probably Metatrader4 didn’t save pair settings after the update. We recommend to reboot your system manually after the update and check it.

    The second reason is a technical error of Forex4you broker because of Metatrader4 out of sync with the server of orders marketplace.

    Please check your terminals and its correct work!

  25. How are client funds kept with Forex4you broker?

    The information is available at the official web-site: https://www.forex4you.com/ru/funds-security/