WallStreet.CASH System

Stable trading in currency market using multy-currence Robot
on your personal accounts of official licensed broker Forex4you

Opportunity! (Risk)

The opportunity to generate your income wherever you are, as a robot works on remote VPS server.

24/7 Support

24-hour supports with a broker, online chats and free telephone hotline!

Easiness (freedom)

Ease of use by trade terminal with mobile device, tracking and monitoring using your phone!

Account ( withdrawal of funds)

An account is opened for you personally and nobody except you can withdraw your money.

Robot! Bot! Expert advisor!

The multi-currency Expert advisor works on 10 currency pairs! It is based on a tidy optimal combination of currency trading on currency pairs from 6 to 10 with a different percentage of deposit.

Efficiency ( Profitability)

The efficiency is achieved by several strategies working together that make it possible to get a profit up to 40 % of deposit.


An investment is an asset acquired with the goal of generating income. An investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset can be channeled for consumption and savings. Simple savings withdraw funds from the turnover and lay the groundwork for the financial crisis whereas investing involves savings into circulation. Autotomized Forex trading is a unique highly profitable investment instrument. Trading robot uses from 1% to 5% of deposit according to a given algorithm and make a profit up to 42% per month. Using this type of investment you can multiply your capital for years!

Start investing

Easy to Use

Robot installation takes about 30 minutes. Simple and clear instructions can help you get into the details of installations and using the trading robot.

The automatic Expert adviser’s advantage is using of virtual private server (VPS) which let you use it 24 hours a day and you can don’t use your PC!

You receive a round-the-clock income from 12 a.m. on Monday till 11 p.m. on Friday (cause of the Forex market characteristics).

What is a Trading Robot?

A trading robot is a computer program which partially or totally replaces the human from working on Forex. The robot totally replace the human in our case and you can control this robot (e.g., you can stop the robot and cancel your orders, change its working hours). Trading robots are specialized computer programs for trading. Trading robots greatly displaced traders on world exchanges in the last decade.

Robots trade for you automatically. They are nothing more than specialized designed programs based on the math’s algorithms. Robots can monitor different indicators automatically and make purchase and sale transactions due to collected data. The number of robot’s transactions is several times higher than people’s transactions.

To help traders in their mechanical routine job is not the main task of trading programs. Their crucial point is to put trading strategies (which are hard or impossible achieve manually) into practice. Indeed, trading robot is a preordained transaction’s algorithm.

A Strategy of multicurrency Robot WallStreet.CASH BOT

Robot WSC uses 3 scalping strategies for providing entry points which increases trade efficiency. The strategies use entries based on standard indicator platform Metatrader: MACD, RSI, Stochastic, CCI, Moving Average. There are a lot setting orders and they close very fast. It provides deposit smooth growth despite of small drawdown. In case of loss there is a method of growing rates by WallStreet.CASH.

Multicurrency trading is used with individual configurations for every pair. It provides diversification of trading and risk reduction. It is connected with a special way of trading: every pair trades with small lots unlike the single currency strategy and periods of big drawdowns are not at the same time.

WallStreet.CASH adviser trades successfully and makes a profit due to 3 different scalping strategies. Every order is analyzed carefully then entry points are indicated for getting maximum effect. Drawdowns have declined because of using new analyze and control system. The adviser has money-management settings for each of three strategies. Also it has time settings: you can settle time and the beginning of your trading from Monday to Friday.

Traders VS Robots

Robot software makes from 30% to 50% transactions on Stock markets, Futures markets and Currency markets all over the world. Mechanic trading systems are generally believed that they are the most effective and reliable methods of trading. First of all, the automatic trading helps traders in big orders sales. The order is divided into small ones and they withdraw gradually according to definite algorithm.

In an ordinary trade days a robot makes decisions objectively and automatically and makes transactions without any subjective assessment. Lack of emotions helps in a case of selling currently devalued assets.

Main trade robot’s advantages are:

  • Total lack of emotions, Robot is not a human, it can’t cry.
  • Quick response – it takes a few milliseconds from getting a signal for opening (closing) position to making an order.
  • Following the trading idea exactly without variations.
  • Trading robot doesn’t know tiredness and start its work immediately after being power on.
  • The processing speed is very fast. Robot can monitor hundreds of instruments simultaneously.
  • Robots can trade hundreds of algorithms simultaneously rather than the average person type.